Crimson vs. White Game

TUSCALOOSA, AL – You wouldn’t know the players on the white team were teammates with the opposing red team by the amount of intensity each team played with. The only signs of the friendly nature of the game were the occasional smiles and jokes shared between teams during plays. The men’s wheelchair basketball team played an inter-team scrimmage on Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015. The white team beat the red team 52 to 43 giving each player a chance to practice their skills during the last game of the fall season. Players Auprince and Blair proved their skills with a combined total of 36 points. Other players like Morich and Bartley impressed the crowd with three-pointers while Robinson rebounded, blocked and assisted for the white team. The scrimmage was a great way for the team to get some more practice in before winter break and before the start of the winter season. Roll Tide!